Inspiring Safe Spaces

- Mo Talley -

The Ache for Home

The feeling of crossing the threshold after a two hour commute in the rain, or the gratitude for having a roof over your head during a powerful thunderstorm is second to none. 

 The smell of coffee or a pot of soup on the stove on a cold winter's day signifies that you are absolutely where you need to be and that there is no better place on earth. 

Getting home and curling up under your favorite blanket on the couch, all while binge watching some guilty pleasure like reality tv is what comes to mind late in the afternoon when the work day just seems to be dragging on. 

 Looking a hot mess without a shred of makeup or lashes, while vegged out in your worn out jammies, instead of a night on the town with your girls, is all you want to do when you think of home.

Shedding that designer suit after a long presentation that didn't go as plan and crashing out with ice cream for dinner are the feelings that your home should conjour up. 

Every room in your home should make you feel like no matter what went down that day, that home forgives it, and it's waiting to kiss the booboos away. Let home be your place with no judgement, no worries, just carefree, comforting and secure. 

Get caught up in the love of home. Live your truth, love your space. 


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