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New Year New You!

New Year New You!

Physical and mental health are of the utmost importance, yet we get swallowed up in the daily hustle and bustle leaving little time to focus on our overall well being.  Why not create a space in your home for a small gym or zen den? 

When it comes to home gyms, people typically think of bulky weights and awkward cardio equipment that take up half of the room ultimately ending up being an oversized clothes hanger before you know it.  We recommend streamlined equipment that allows you to move more freely in your space, combined with a simple storage solution for items such as towels, mats or free weights. Don't forget some wall art or framed quotes of inspiration. Believe it or not, they really do help with motivating and self accountability. 

 If you're working on a modest budget, shop around for some gently used equipment like a weight bench, or a set of dumbbells. Used sporting goods stores are a gem when starting your  home gym! Often times you'll come across practically new equipment, or higher end used or refurbished items from gym closeouts.  Also, discount retailers such as Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx offer a wide range of affordable gear like yoga mats, resistant bands, balls and light weights, with most just under $20.00. 

Now, if your budget affords some higher end pieces,  you may want to consider the latest technology in working out. Interactive cardio equipment, such as the Peloton bike or The MIRROR combine virtual cardio sessions that are both sleek and aesthetically pleasing, which   can certainly justify  cancelling your gym membership.

Be sure to consider functionality while being conscience of the amount of space it takes up.   Ideally, equipment that folds down, or can be easily stored works best to keep your equipment from becoming that oversized clothes hanger we talked about earlier!  The key is to take your time and slowly add in items that suit where you are in your work out routine. Basically, there's no point in filling up a room with equipment that you're not likely to use. Whatever you choose, keep it simple, inviting and motivating so that you can reach your target goal. 

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