How we Evolved. One Room at a Time

About Us. How we evolved. One Room at a Time

About Us

  At RepurposedDecor, we believe in unlocking hidden potential and our goal is to elevate your space and bring out the best in what you have.

  Since the concept of our business is repurposing décor (using something you already have and changing the function or look of it), we offer this option when planning your renovation.  Oftentimes, people are sitting on some pretty cool items and don’t realize it because it’s either  worn, outdated or they purchased it but never got around to using it. Well, before we toss it in the pile for decluttering (yes, we offer that service too), explore the idea of letting us repurpose it and work it into your new décor. 

  Distressing, deconstructing, painting and restoring are just a few things we can do to your old accents and furniture.  Along with using what you have, we incorporate a few new or gently used items to bring you the look you desire while keeping your budget in mind.  

  If you want all new items, no problem, we can certainly work with you to find the latest and greatest in home-trends, while getting you the biggest bang for your buck. 

  Whichever option you decide on, we will take it easy on your pockets while helping you achieve the look you desire in your home or business.  

  Offering services such as space creation, decluttering and organizing, event design planning, home staging and small business curb appeal are just a few of the solutions we provide. However, if you have something in mind that isn’t listed, ask us about it.  It’s like ordering an item that’s not on the menu, chances are the chef can still make it! 

A Little About Mo

  With home décor being a passion of mine since an early age, I decided that it was high time to make my hobby, passion and side hustle become a dream business of my own.  As the saying goes, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” and that’s just how I feel when I’m putting together a room or event. Sure, it may be exhausting, but the final product makes it worth it all! Feeling good about what you have, and bringing special moments to life brings me real joy and I strive to make clients feel that exact same way!  

   After taking on some hefty projects, such as patio renovations, creating virtual classroom/office spaces, themed parties, home staging, and repurposing countless items, I thought it was long overdue to pursue my dream full time.    

  Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or sky’s the limit, I can help you with styling your home or business in a fashion that you’re sure to be proud of.  I’ve always believed that everything has potential, and I can either refresh it or repurpose it.  Along with home décor, giving back is a passion of mine, and when I created my business, I wanted to incorporate community outreach into my business model. By repurposing items and decluttering spaces, I support local thrift stores and the many community programs they support, by either purchasing, donating or volunteering services.  Overall, if you think about it, repurposing in a sense is recycling, and we can never do enough of that! 

      Call/Text: (240) 532-8705

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